Ithaca's Real Rock Radio Station
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Why advertise on WVBR 93.5 FM?

WVBR-FM is special and unusual among the radio industry. We aren't a part of any media conglomerations - we offer unique and original programming that your customers will relate to. The station staff is made up of radio professionals, students and community members, most of whom are here because we love music, news, sports, and interacting with the Ithaca community. WVBR provides both local and world-class content and has a weekend line-up of programming that is 100% original and local. This unique programming and environment make for advertising opportunities for your business that no other radio station can offer:

  • WVBR, the longest running FM station in the Ithaca market, has been on the forefront of the music scene in central New York, and the Finger Lakes region, for over 30 years. Our programming is unlike any radio station.
  • WVBR with its Classic/Modern/Local Rock format, has long been recognized as the place to hear songs that cannot be heard anywhere else. There is only ONE WVBR and it broadcasts high atop Ithaca's East Hill.
  • WVBR is music endless morning talk, no off color or offensive humor. We only feature targeted lifestyle programs and promotions with the most dynamic, exciting play lists in the business. Our listeners ARE making the buying decisions. They are the credit-card-carrying homeowners who appreciate all genres of music. From rock to folk to blues and oldies ... WVBR maintains a loyal listening audience.
  • WVBR plays the lowest number of commercials in the market...insuring maximum listener retention of your message! Plus, our rates are lower than many of the other radio stations in the region. And because we are INDEPENDENT, we can make all the decisions locally.
  • WVBR features a wide variety of specialty programming on the weekend, allowing our advertisers to target specific demographics and maximize exposure across many types of listeners. In fact, not only do weekends include blues and oldies and acoustic music, it features the longest-running folk show in the nation, "Bound for Glory."
  • WVBR also features opportunities to direct your customers to our website, ... which can be one click away from YOUR website. Explore the power of LOCAL radio. Since 1958 ... WVBR has been the sound of Ithaca.
Put us to work for YOUR business

For more information, or for a customized advertising proposal, contact us!
Phone: (607) 273-4000
Fax: (607) 273-4069

Dustin Patte
Senior Account Executive
604 E Buffalo Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
Dan Cole
AE, Production Director
604 E Buffalo Street
Ithaca, NY 14850


WVBR 93.5 FM, broadcasting from high atop Ithaca's East Hill, is a radio station unlike any other in the country. The real rock radio sound blends with local music, programming, news and sports in a way no other station in the area can. When deciding where to spend your advertising dollars, be sure to include WVBR in your marketing mix. Contact us to have our sales and promotion team develop a unique proposal that will get your company results.

Our programming line-up is unlike any line-up anywhere on the radio dial -- anywhere. With a diverse listening audience of great scope, which includes online streaming at, WVBR reaches YOUR customers.

Find Out More

Contact us today for a customized advertising proposal and find out how WVBR can serve you and your marketing needs! We offer a full line of products from audio and video to interactive and unique digital campaigns. Don't wait! Pick up the phone today.

Phone: 607.273.4000 ext. 1
Fax: 607.273.4069

The WVBR Sales Team:
Dustin Patte

Ithaca Carshare
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