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Classic Rock: Question of Genre
| September 4, 2012

A few views on the genre of classic rock.

Most of us agree that some staple bands are considered classic rock. For instance, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin are all considered classic rock groups. However, several people have given their own definitions of "classic rock."

The most common argument my friends give me is that the word "classic" is somewhat subjective. Different people have different views on what is classic and what isn't classic. However, music theorists have designated certain eras of music as "classic." For instance, Bach and Beethoven are not both "classical" musicians. Bach is considered Baroque and Beethoven is considered late Classical/early Romantic. If such classification can be applied to "classical" music, why can't it be applied to rock?

Another argument I hear is that music critics don't consider a band "classic" so they shouldn't either. Along the same lines as the argument above, classic can be construed differently by different people. Just because somebody says it's classic rock doesn't mean it has to be classic rock. 

I'm in line with keeping classic rock somewhat subjective. Below is my requirement to be considered classic rock:

  • Must have made an impact on the evolution or development of rock history or rock music

Because of my one requirement, I consider some bands to be classic rock that many people don't, such as AC/DC or Guns N' Roses.

My friends have other requirements, listed below. This is just a compilation of what they said they think is classic rock.

  • Must have been in the 70's or earlier
  • Must have used acoustic instruments only
  • Must be a well-known band
  • Can't be a single person, must be a band
  • Must have been covered
  • Must have gotten a Gold album/single
  • Must have made Billboard's Top 100 list
  • Must have a mass following

What do you consider as classic rock? Do you think it's something simple, or something a little more complex? Comment below if you have anything to say on this matter!




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len from west hartford ct | November 20, 2012, 8:33am
Please! Put the word "classsic" where it belongs-in the trash can-and call the songs by the decades they are from-60's 70's and so on
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