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High Noon and Proof of Paradise
| September 12, 2012
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High Noon and the Proof of Paradise for 9/11/2012

High Noon: Where two songs duel and I decide which is better

CSN's Suite: Judy Blue Eyes VS Rolling Stone's Sympathy for the Devil

Definitely a draw in this duel. Both songs were written for different things. Sympathy was inspired by a French poet. Suite was inspired by Still's former girlfriend. Both songs accomplish what they want to convey to listeners. Both have a great and unconventional musicality behind them. For the Stone's, it was the samba and so many different percussion instruments, as well as the lyrics, that makes this song memorable. For CSN, the fact that it truly was a suite made it different from many rock songs of that era. While this isn't exactly a case of comparing apples and oranges, it most certainly isn't a fair fight, since both songs are so well composed!

Have two songs you want me to duel? Let me know by commenting below!



Proof of Paradise

Who: Multiple community members

Where: Tower Road, Cornell campus

What: Helping out an injured bicyclist by calling 911 and helping to control the bleeding and calming her down.

If you know of somebody who has done an act of kindness or good, let me know! Names released only with permission.

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