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Billie Joe in Rehab
| September 24, 2012
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Billie Joe goes on a typical rock n roll rant...and that has put him in a rehab facility

This past weekend Green Day performed at the iheart Music Festival.  A music festival put on by Clear Channel Radio to get the world's best artists from all genres in one place play in Las Vegas for a weekend long festival.  Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day stopped mid-song to go on a tyranical rant  about having only one minute left to finish their set.  Clearly he wasn't ready to leave and was pissed off about it, saying "this isn't Just Beiber" (The explictives are taken out).  The performance was broadcasted on multiple Clear Channel radio stations, Xbox & online and other media forms.  Now on Green Day's website it is noted that Billie Joe was uner the influence of a drug and will be going to rehab.  Check it out his iheart radio music festival rant for yourself:

You decide - is this Rock n Roll? or just plain obscene?  

I vote for rock n roll because in my opinon, it's the Greatest thing Billie Joe has done on stage since his American Idiot tour.  If Pete Townshed of The Who is praised for hitting Abbie Hoffman over the head with a guitar mid-set during Woodstock then Billie Joe gets my praise.  And don't tell me Townshed was stone cold sober in the 60s...

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