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High Noon and Proof of Paradise
| October 25, 2012
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High Noon and Proof of Paradise for October 23rd, 2012

High Noon

The Offspring's The Kids Aren't Alright v.s. Sublime's What I Got

Today's High Noon features two of the bands credited with the revival of punk rock in the late 80's. My friend is dressing up as a punk rock artist and, naturally, turned to me for advice. I told him to think of Sublime, Bad Religion, Green Day, and other 80's punk bands. Punk rock started with the Sex Pistols and The Ramones, but didn't really take off until the early 70's. Punk rock is credited with the creation of alternative rock and other subgenres of rock present today.

The Offspring's song is one of their most popular songs. It still remains the most played 90's song, according to online streaming sites like Last.FM and Spotify. Despite its popularity though, it was commerically less successful than earlier singles. The title is an allusion to the Who's The Kids Are Alright, though the songs can't be more different. The Offspring brings a strong punk feel to the song. Released in the late 90's, this song reminded listeners the imporance of punk rock in the development of bands that were just starting up.

Sublime's song was the second single they released. Unfortunately, singer Bradley Nowell passed away shortly before the song was released. As a result, the music video was a tribute to Nowell. This song was the most popular song when it was released in 1996. Rolling Stone ranks it as the number 83 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time. However, one bone some people pick is that the melody is almost identical to the Beatles' Lady Madonna. Compared to other songs they have released, this song isn't as punky, but still a great song from a great band.

Overall, despite the fact that the Beatles' claim is substantiated, I'll have to give the win to Sublime, mostly due to the music video. It was a good tribute to a good musician. Don't get me wrong; The Offspring are still a great band, but What I Got is more personal, which I think adds to it.

Proof of Paradise

This week's Proof of Paradise comes from the Big Apple. John A. Paulson donated $100 million to Central Park Conservancy, the largest the park as ever seen. The gift will be used for improvements to the park. Interestingly, nothing in the park will bear Paulson's name, unusual for a gift of this size.

From Ashley: Go to to read about people's other good deeds and to record your own! We will be looking at the site every day!


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