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Staying Safe Amid Frankenstorm
| October 29, 2012
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Make sure you all stay safe during "Frankenstorm"

As the superstorm draws every closer, the entire East Coast is shutting down. The New York Stock Exchange floor is completely bare for the next two days, a crane threatens to fall 65 stories into a New York City street, and universities around the coast are shutting down. Thankfully, we are not along the East Coast, but there are still many dangers to be aware of. Make sure you stay safe!

  • Stay away from the gorges! A rainfall of two inches can cause flooding in the gorges. With all that extra water, there is little doubt that anybody caught in the current will be in for a bad time.
  • Forecasters are predicting some high wind speeds, strong enough to knock down trees and power lines. Be prepared for power outages. Get some battery-operated radios and flashlights. Kinetic and LED flashlights are going to be incredible helpful.
  • Stock up on food and water for at least 3 extra meals. You might lose power and can't cook for a day. Best to get some food that doesn't require preparation.
  • Stay away from windows. High wind speeds can shatter glass, though it is doubtful gusts will be that strong.
  • Check your basement, especially in lower areas, for flooding. Make sure your sump-pump is working. 
  • Don't drive! High winds can cause rollovers. Best to stay inside for the duration of the storm.


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