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Scattered Clouds
- Scattered Clouds
Saddest Song of All Time
Matt Harkins
| November 8, 2012

Today I learned that there was a study done on the most affective pop music. 

Topping the list was The Verve's The Drugs Don't Work.  I remembered hearing it on the radio when I was little, but I didn't remember being particularly moved by it, so I had to go back and check it out.  First listen through, it left me feeling suprisingly sullen.  I looked up the lyrics and back story, and it became even more upsetting the next time through.  It turns out the story was about the lead singer dealing with his family member's terminal cancer.. The pain drugs they were giving his grandmother had no effect unfortunately.  I think that universal theme is what really causes so many people to feel sad afterwards.


Heavy stuff huh?  I hate to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, so here's a chaser.  REM's Shiney Happy People was rated one of the happiest.  Enjoy, and comment with the song that's moved you the most.

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Mike Brindisi from Ithaca | November 9, 2012, 10:54am
1.Missy Higgins-Stand Where I stood 2.Sarah Mclaughlin-Angel 3.ANY Damien Rice
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