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Meteor Shower Music
Matt Harkins
| November 17, 2012
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In about 20 minutes from the time of this post, the annual Lenoid meteor shower will adorn the pre-dawn sky.  You can read more about it here,0,3971357.story?track=rss, but what you really need to know is what tunes to play to augment the experience.

There are quite a few star themed songs out there that would be pretty relevant.  Grateful Dead's Dark Star is a great one.  I recommend the 1970 Capitol Theater show for a good version  Radiohead has a different song with the same name Guitar vertuoso Yngwie Malmsteen has a pretty interesting neoclassical metal piece called Black Star  If you're not into the more guitar-centric celestial themed music, listen to Muse's Starlight  Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun is also a classic

Finally, at the end of the Guitar Hero video game, heavenly lights come from the sky and turn into a UFO which subsequently beams up the guitar player and takes his abilities to new heights.  To all the budding guitar players out there hoping that the meteor show might be your magic ticket to unparalleled guitar skill, play when looking outside at 3am. 

Enjoy it- this only comes once a year.

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