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High Noon and Proof of Paradise
| November 27, 2012
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High Noon and Proof of Paradise for November 27, 2012


High Noon

Coldplay’s Yellow vs. Maroon 5’s She Will Be Loved

Two iconic bands today, these two songs can be considered their “breakthrough” songs. That is, the first of their songs to make it to the Top 40 charts. The ones that were commercially successful and brought them into the eyes and ears of the public.

Yellow was originally released in 2000 on Coldplay’s debut album Parachutes. Following a standard I-V-IV-I chord progression, the song is relatively simple musically, but lyrically it’s a little more…complex. There are conflicting stories on the song’s origins. Martin said on the Howard Stern Show that the first chord came to him while looking at stars, hence where the first verse comes from. Wikipedia has another story, also told by Martin, with the song conceived in a single night through contributions by several band members. Both of these stories have some backing behind them, so it may be that the true origin of Yellow may never be found! Lyrically, the song recounts Martin’s unrequited love. The title Yellow may not seem to fit with the lyrics, but it never intended to. Yellow refers to the band’s mood. That of brightness, hope, and devotion. Overall, a great song, if a bit musically simplistic.

She Will Be Loved was originally released in 2002 on Maroon 5’s debut album Songs About Jane. The third single from the album, this song reached international fame, topping the Australian charts for 5 weeks and reaching number 4 in the UK. Musically, the chord progression is a bit odd. It jumps from a B minor to A major, an interesting move. While it can be argued that it’s simply an IV-I progression, a B minor chord is not the same as a D major, second inversion (though the notes are the same). It does, however, get the same effect. Lyrically, this song is very poignant. The song is about unrequited love as well. The lyrics really speak for themselves. A woman, who always seems to end up in bad relationships, keeps going back to the same man for comfort and support. That man says he will always be there for her, but does not attempt anything further. As the lyrics say, she will be loved, and he knows it’s by him.

Overall, though it pains me to say it, Maroon 5 wins out. Yellow, while catchier and more upbeat, loses to She Will Be Loved both lyrically and musically. She Will Be Loved takes the usual IV-I progression and introduces it using a minor chord instead. Yellow, on the other hand, just repeats the same old I-IV-V-I progression. While catchy, it gets old after a while. At least add in some inversions. Lyrically, She Will Be Loved is much more powerful and poignant. I can also personally relate to them, which may have been the swaying factor in this battle.

Proof of Paradise

Who: Carmen Guidi

Where: Newfield

What: Distributing 75 turkeys to needy families. That’s roughly equivalent to 1200 pounds of turkey!

For full details, check out the article in The Ithaca Journal:|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

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