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Classic and Contemporary Corners
| November 29, 2012
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Classic and Contemporary Corners for November 27th, 2012


Thanksgiving has come and gone. This week’s Classic and Contemporary Corners focuses on the lingering Thanksgiving feeling of giving thanks, as well as the upcoming holiday spirit. So we each decided to choose a song that we’re thankful for and a song that describes what the holidays mean for us!

Classic Corner

Proud Mary CCR

The first of a string of singles that made their way to the number 2 spot on Billboard Top 100, this song has had a special place in my heart. Back in high school, this was a staple song we played in the stand. Granted, it was an adapted version, more upbeat and jazzy than CCR’s version, but still staying true to the simple chord progression and melody. This song was my first exposure to CCR, and I’m glad I asked the band director for the artist. One could say this is what started my interest in classic rock.

ImagineJohn Lennon

One of the staple Lennon songs, this song really just speaks for itself. I’ve never been one to ask for a lot of material goods. All I ever ask for during the holiday season is for my friends and family to stay safe and be happy. I hope that the season will bring nothing but happiness and joy. Of course, some might say that’s incredibly idealistic, but hey, one can always dream right?

Contemporary Corner

The PretenderFoo Fighters

Taking a leaf out of Justin’s book, this was my first exposure to the Foo Fighters. Even then, I had no idea that they were the artist of this song until I started DJ-ing for WVBR (sad, I know!). It’s pretty funny, because I heard other songs by them and knew they were by the same artist by the vocals, but I never bothered to find out who they actually were! Anyway, Foo Fighters could be considered the first “hard rock” band I listen to. And is still the only “hard rock” band that I listen to on a regular basis!

Magnificent U2

 Yes, a U2 song. But since Coldplay is Justin’s domain, I decided to opt for my favorite band instead! Definitely a song that describes my feelings for the holiday season. I think it’s wonderful how people can put their differences aside and come together for a week of peace and love! Did you know that in the First World War, there was a Christmas Day truce in 1914, the first year of the war? Just goes to show how powerful the holidays can become, inviting a period of peace during one of the bloodiest war in history.

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