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Grace Shih
| December 1, 2012
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Here are two songs that I played during my DJ shift Friday evening, 11-2!

There was a pretty large time gap between when I played these two songs, but I think they've both worth a second listen (or first) if you haven't heard them before, so check it out!

First up: The Clash - London Calling. They're a British punk band who wrote this song to express this general sense of worry in the world after the nuclear incident at Three Mile Island, which fits really well with the minor key of the piece.

The title is based off the BBC station call sign during World War II. "This is London calling..."

Next up: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Paris (Ooh La La). Grace Potter's vocals give this American band a fairly distinctive sound. It's hard to tell what genre they fit in, but the lyrics for this song are especially random. Warning: Don't take this song too seriously if you are French!

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