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Wiz Khalifa Day
Matt Harkins
| December 12, 2012
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Today, in addition for being the final 12/12/2012 for the next 100 years, is Wiz Khalifa day. 

Pittsburgh City Council voted on the measure and brought the hip-hop star into the Steel City for veneration.  According to the Councilman who sponsored the resolution, Wiz's hit song "Black and Yellow" made him an ambassador for Pittsburgh.  The locals seemed to not appreciate the measure, as reporters in the article I'm attaching derided him for his $10,000 a day marijuana habit.  Although I don't think Wiz is the most articulate and skillful rappers, it's neat to see the local government giving such attention to an artist with less than reputable status.  WPXI's story highlights how absurd the media can get at times, and I hope the average music consumer can recognize this absurdity and move public discourse in a more positive direction.

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