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You Idiot! 1/24- Charlie Brown
Matt Harkins
| January 24, 2012
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Charlie Brown is probably the best archetypal, yet lovable idiot that American culture has ever known.  Unfortunately, the actor who gave the television version of Charlie's voice may not have the same redeeming qualities.  It turns out Peter Robbins is on trial for stalking and threatening to kill his girlfriend over a disagreement about his girlfriend's plastic surgery.

Robbins, acting in total antithesis of Charlie Brown, also beat his girlfriend's dog in order to emotionally blackmail her.  I know Joe Cool/Snoopy would never take that, and it's upsetting to see that Robbins couldn't channel his inner Charlie Brown and bring the famously fraternal man/dog relationship off of the television and into his home.

It's pretty clear to see that he's guilty as well, as the defense attorney stated: "Mr. Robbins is an eccentric individual.  He's not a threat to society."

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