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Most Awesomest Band Ever
| February 4, 2013
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Another look into my eclectic taste in music.

I was browsing my old iTunes library (which, suffice to say, is embarressingly small), or rather, uploading my old iTunes library from backups (gotta love trying to move an iTunes library from computer to computer), when I came upon a band I haven't heard in a few years. 

Nightwish was the band's name. Finnish in nature, they are considered symphonic metal. Interesting genre name, no? But it is true; most of their music makes liberal use of symphonies. Despite any reservations you may have, I find that the combination makes for some EPIC MUSIC. Symphonies really draw out emotion that a regular four or five-piece band can't really get at.

Once I rediscovered them, I had to give their albums another listen. Here is one of their longer, darker, but definitely more epic, pieces.


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