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You Idiot!/Some Cool Things I Saw on the Internet
February 7, 2013
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Our idiot for this Thursday was a real winner. 

His excuse for wrecking a car was that he was attacked by aliens.  Apparently he was probed not only a police baton, but also a UFO full of grey aliens.  He didn't specify the greys, but in my experience with alien probes, the greys are usually to blame.  The cops said he smelled like alcohol and was visibly drunk, but the smell was probably just the greys trying to santitize the man, and I would be a little disoriented as well if I was taken into a flying saucer.

Read more here:


For every idiot, there's also a hero.  The wandering watchman in the link below was thrust into a sticky situation while hitchiking.  Kai, the surfer/hero gives a fantastic interview about his harrowing efforts to stop a man who claimed to be Jesus from crushing an innocent man and strangling a bystander.  Three "SMASH"es of Kai's hatchet incapacitated "Jesus" and prevented "Jesus" from wrecking havoc.  Kai stated that he is a selfless man who has no family and nothing to live for but to help those around him-- certainly the hero we need, not the hero we deserve. This is one of the best things I've seen on the internet in quite some time.


Finally, everybody knows that I'm a big Frank Zappa fan.  I recently found a video of him reading the "Talking Asshole" section of William Burrough's Naked Lunch.  It's one of the better recitations of any literary piece that I've seen in quite some time, which is surprising considering Zappa claims that he isn't an avid reader in the video.  It's cool to see Zappa narrating a selection from a book that fits in so well with his lyrical ethos.

That's all for now, Myles and I wish you a fantastic Thursday.

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