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Why I Watch The Grammys
| February 10, 2013
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Ever since I started paying attention to entertainment awards, I've been constantly confused and angered by some of the winning choices. 

Tonight's Grammy's really made me remember why I don't like award shows. I feel as if some artists, who I won't name in particular, don't receive nearly enough credit for their talent and effort, while some artists are somewhat overrated. Again, not going to name any inparticular, becuse most of these artists do have great talent and have worked extremely hard to get where they are.

But seroiusly, how can you compare Mumford & Sons, Frank Ocean, Fun., and Alabama Shakes, and Jack White to each other? They're all so different, yet all quite good at what they do. However, they were all up for many of the same awards. Can't we just enjoy the music for what it is and not turn it into a popularity contest?

Between this blog, facebook, and talking to friends, I've done enough ranting for one night. So I'll talk about why I still watch the Grammy Awards: The performances. All of tonight's tributes were unbelievable, especially the tribute to Levon Helm. You'll probably be able to catch all of the performances on youtube when they come out. Trust me, if you missed them, you will need to check them out.

My message? Music is art, let's just all appreciate music for what it is instead of making contests out of it. Deep stuff, right? That's what they keep me around for...

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