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Sound City
| February 26, 2013
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A fitting tribute to a great studio.

Dave Grohl spearheaded the project. An approximately 100 minute long documentary on the history of Sound City Studios, which closed in 2011. Dave was the one who brought the board from Sound City, the custom made Neve 8028 Console which had brought life to the music the Sound City has recorded. He now uses it in his own private recording studios.

Grohl wanted this documentary to be about the studio and the people. He wanted to show the bonds made, the good (and bad!) times shared by everybody, and how Sound City propelled many bands into stardom and fame. But most importantly, he wanted to tell the story of the sound board that made Sound City, that custom Neve 8028 Console (which I would kill to get). 

I highly suggest you watch this movie. It's available on iTunes. It not only gives you a great look at the history of Sound City, but also a taste of the kind of artists and music that was made in those studios. The Sound City soundtrack, recorded in Dave Grohl's private studio with the Neve Console, is slated for release on March 12.

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