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Insane Baseball Brawl
Matt Harkins
| March 11, 2013
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I was watching a fight and a baseball game broke out.

On March 9th, potentially the most interesting thing to ever happen to the World Baseball Classic occurred.  Canada faced off against Mexico in a match where Canada was surely considered the David to Mexico's Golliath.  In the twilight of the game, when Canada defied all odds and was beating Mexico by an assuring margin, things got interesting.  Mexico's pitcher threw one that was too close for comfort on the Canadian batter.  The umpire warned both sides in an attempt to keep the game from getting out of hand, but during the next pitch, the Mexican ace threw one behind the Canadian player-- a sure signal of intent.  The benches cleared and a few minutes later, it reminded me of the 2003 Yankees/Redsox ALCS game 7 bench clearing brawl.  This is definitely worth watching whether or not you're a baseball fan, because let's face it, there's nothing better than watching a bunch of grown men lose their temper.  It speaks to our deeply biological, carnal desires and harkens back to the time of the Colosseum, wherein gladiators would fight to the death for our entertainment.  


Watch and enjoy.

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