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Today in History - 4/3
| April 3, 2013
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Do you get upset when your emails don't go through right away? Or people don't respond to texts immediately? Imagine having to wait 10 days for your message to get across the country!

Today in 1860, the first ponies on the Pony Express left their respective locations - St. Joseph, MO and Sacramento, CA - to deliver messages to the opposite city. On April 13th, the rider from St. Joseph reached Sacramento, beating the Sacramento rider by two days. 


Remember, this was even before the telegraph, or a good transcontinental railroad, and definitely radio and television. This a new record for standard delivery in the time. Although the Pony Express initially aimed to make a profit by negotiating a delivery contract with the US government, but with the advent of the telegraph in 1861, that never happened. 

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