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You Idiot! Brides and Easter bunnies?
| April 3, 2013
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Riddle me this: what do a klepto bride and an Easter bunny on a motorcycle have in common? Answer: they're both idiots!

I just couldn't pick one idiot today. I needed to share both stories with everyone... 

A bride in Wisconsin was arrested shortly after her wedding reception because she was caught stealing $1,000 worth of rings... at her reception! She was caught on a surveillance video at the restaurant where the reception was hosted. Additionally, an employee found her bra insert where the case of rings had been. She even denied stealing them, despite the fact that her husband found the items while looking through their wedding gifts, according to reports...


Across the country, a motorcyclist was pulled over on a highway for not wearing a helmet. But why wasn't he wearing a helmet? Because it didn't fit over his bunny costume. Really, the motorcyclist was dressed up as the Easter bunny, on his way to a charity event. Additionally, he received a lecture about how his outfit was a visual impairment, threatening the safety of himself and others on the road! Luckily for him, he hopped away with just a warning.

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