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Local Lunch Hour!
Grace Shih
| May 14, 2013
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Click the header for snippets of what I talked about this afternoon!

Some highlights:

Thrash Unreal is a song by Against Me! (exclamation mark included) back when they were still signed to Sire Records - it charted at number 11 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks in 2007. Definitely a very pumped up song.

Lead singer is Laura Jane Grace, formerly known as Tom Gabel, lead vocalist and founding member. She came out as transgender in 2012 and their album in progress is to be titled Transgender Dysphoria Blues. The band's name is remaining Against Me! for now, and I'll certainly be keeping an eye out.


In terms of news, the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) recently accused a US diplomat, Ryan Fogle, of trying to bribe a Russian official into working for the CIA. The Russians have done a pretty good job of publicizing the incident: apparently the official was offered millions if he cooperated - the guy specialized in Caucasus counterterrorism, which includes Chechnya (where the Boston Marathon bombers were from).

Of course, tensions are a bit tense between the US and Russia now, but what does Russia gain from this? Besides making the CIA look like a fool, of course. By all reports, the two countries are still working together closely in regards to the bombing. Cross country spying probably happens all the time, so what's with all the hype?


Also, Gates (of Microsoft notoriety) gave an interesting interview about his relationship with Steven Jobs recently.

Check out the video in the link and see for yourself - what do you think of his sentiments?

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