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Good Music Videos
Grace Shih
| June 23, 2013
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As promised, here are those music videos I mentioned recently!

First of all, here's that Black Keys video for "Tighten Up":

It's basically a cute fight between two boys trying to impress the same pretty girl. Both dads step in to break it up and low and behold... the girl's mother shows up and the same fight happens all over again. (Between the dads over the mother). Of course, it's a lot funnier to watch two grown men wrestle each other to the ground like school boys on a playground.

You can still make it big in the music biz if you work hard:


Handlebars by Flobots was my pick for #1 on last week's Top 10 songs that describe Ray Bradbury books. The video and the lyrics go together perfectly.

It's a story "about the idea that we have so much incredible potential as human beings to be destructive or to be creative", and also about the price of human ego.

My take on it? It's an analogy for how changing one small decision can influence the entire future of a world. A Sound of Thunder - Ray Bradbury.

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