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Cover Music Videos
| June 27, 2013
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Or music video covers? Music cover videos? Video cover music?

If any of you frequent Youtube as often as the average college student, you'll know there's a lot of videos out there. I enjoy procrastinating by watching music videos and then judging the Youtuber on their vocal abilities. Some of them are quite terrible. Others are very good, to the point where I'm surprised that they haven't elected to pursue music as a profession. I suppose Youtubing is just as good of a profession.

Anyway, below are some music videos that I've seen/listened to and are really good. Some of the original songs aren't rock, but were adapted to be a rock cover.

Walk the Moon - Anna Sun, by Joey Graceffa:

Coldplay - Paradise, by Jimmy Wong:

Demi Levato - Heart Attack, by James & FJ, feat. Lissie Brooks:

Imagine Dragon - Radioactive, by Lindsey Stirling & Pentatonix:

Hot Chelle Rae - Tonight, Tonight, by Jimmy Wong & Meghan Camarena: (Meghan on main vocals), (Jimmy on main vocals)

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