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You Idiot!-Shocktoberfest
Millie Kastenbaum
| October 1, 2013
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A naked haunted house comes to Pennsylvania.


Today is the beginning of the month of October and that can only mean one thing (besides pumpkins), haunted houses!  I had the misfortune of thinking myself brave enough to enter into possibly the scariest haunted house in Los Angeles, the Queen Mary.  However, today's You Idiot! is dedicated to Shocktoberfest, in Pennsylvania.  Like most venues of its kind, this haunted scream park has zombies and monsters galore, however one of its haunted houses literally strips you down, having you go through it with nothing but your skivies on.  Talk about scary!

Here are the links to both the Queen Mary and Shocktoberfest if you want to learn more about this horrific haunted parks:

Also, if you don't believe me about how scary these things are, check out this hilarious video on the Ellen Show:

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