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What Type of Cookie are You?
| March 10, 2014
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Julia and I did some soul searching to find out what cookie best describes our personalities! What kind of cookie are you?

In our typical form, Julia and I live on Buzzfeed quizzes are an awesome way to waste time (not that we are wasting time or anything...) and discover incredibly important things about yourself, like what Disney Princess you are. This Buzzfeed quiz focuses on the vital question of what type of cookie you are. It uses highly sophisticated psychological research to pick a spirit cookie by asking questions like "What type of milk are you?" with answer options ranging from "skim" to "buttermilk" or "ew". Naturally, it is very important to know what type of milk one would choose when cookies are concerned. However, the questions do get much more interesting as we were asked to "Pick a Dad" and we were prompted with pictures of Homer Simpson, Eddard Stark, Atticus Finch, Darth Vader, and more. We were also asked to "Pick a sweater". The options were far too cute to handle including a tiny hedgehog stuck in a turtleneck and a snake unable to use sleeves. After racking our brains for this all-important test, both Julia and I were dubbed "Double Chocolate Cookies". We were even given a recipe to make the cookie version of ourselves! What type of cookie are you? Take the quiz here!

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