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Today in History: St. Patrick, FDR, Tequila!
| March 17, 2014
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We're doing something different today because there are too many noteworthy events to pick just one! So here's the extended online version of our rapid fire report of historical events from March 17th, in chronological order...

461: Christian missionary, bishop and apostle of Ireland, St. Patrick died at Saul, Downpatrick, Ireland. Captured by Irish marauders at age 16, he worked as a herder in Ireland and turned to religion for comfort for 6 years until he was able to escape and reunite with his family in Britain. There he had a dream that lead him back to Ireland to obtain priesthood, converting thousands of Irish people and building churches around the country.

1762: The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade was held in New York City by Irish soldiers serving in the British Army, honoring the Catholic feast day of St. Patrick. As the years went on, the parades became a show of unity and strength for persecuted Irish-American immigrants, and then a popular celebration of Irish-American heritage. Today, March 17 is a day of international celebration, as millions of people around the globe put on their best green clothing to drink beer, watch parades and toast the luck of the Irish.

1905: Franklin Roosevelt married his fifth cousin once removed, Eleanor Roosevelt! Although their marriage was plagued with rumors (some of which were based in truth!) of Franklin’s various affairs and Eleanor’s lesbian love affair with reporter Lorena Hickok, they were a powerhouse presidential couple who always put America first.

1958: In music news, The Champs “Tequila” is #1 on the US Billboard charts. And it was The Champs’ first and only hit after a Cleveland Disc Jockey saved the single from the cutout bin! So to all aspiring musical artists, there’s still hope! You never know what radio station DJ might put your single on air, leading to a smash hit.



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