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Honda of Ithaca - 2010
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B. C.
| December 15, 2014
This post was inspired by two events – a reader messaging me and asking about asking historic maps, and another reader telling me about the history of the Cayuga Place/Lofts @ Six Mile Creek site
B. C.
| December 12, 2014
1. Leading off, the NYS Regional Economic Development Council Awards. In other words, the annual event where the state takes its economic aid money and an impartial committee is supposed to examine and decide who gets more or less money
B. C.
| December 10, 2014
This one is coming out early this week for the sake of timeliness. 1. Thursday the 11th, the county IDA votes on whether to approve tax abatements for two downtown projects, Travis Hyde’s Carey Building addition and Ithaca Renting/Fane Org’s 130 East Clinton
B. C.
| December 6, 2014
Officially, the downtown Ithaca Marriott is underway with site prep. Perhaps because it only just started, there was hardly anything to speak of on its site
B. C.
| December 5, 2014
1. Not exactly a development, but this will make things interesting: As reported by the Ithaca Journal, INHS and Better Housing for Tompkins County (BHTC) are merging
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