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B. C.
| July 16, 2014
Given the rate of development exposition and modification, this is becoming a sort of weekly digest. I’m perfectly okay with that. 1. First up, the omnipresent Carey Building addition by Travis-Hyde Properties
B. C.
| July 12, 2014
Building off of some of the work I’ve done with Jeff Stein over at the Ithaca Voice, this will be done in the form of an explainer
B. C.
| July 9, 2014
News to peruse and keep you amused. First, INHS’s Greenways, a project I spend way too much time writing about
B. C.
| July 6, 2014
Random odds and ends. First off are the Lehigh Valley House condos, which will take the century-old Lehigh Valley House and renovate it into ground-floor commercial space and six condominium units on the upper floors
B. C.
| July 3, 2014
Three sets of Cornell updates in this post – the law school addition is complete, Klarman Hall excavation is underway, and a picture from the Statler Hall renovation (which Jason just posted about)
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