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| May 27, 2012
I just wanted to start off my final blog entry by thanking everyone that has supported and followed my blogging. Before blogging for Cornell, I was actually a very self-conscious writer. The fact that I got so much support has given me confidence, and I think I just may pursue blogging on my own! But … Continue reading May 27, 2012 →
| May 14, 2012
It’s been a difficult two days trying to crank out two final papers that were due today. Motivation to write these papers, despite them being extremely interesting topics, were at an all time low
| April 28, 2012
I had the privilege of being in San Diego last week, at the Experimental Biology Conference 2012. The conference is basically a gathering of 15,000 related to the fields of biology and nutrition
| April 8, 2012
About a week ago, a few students were honored in Albany for the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence
| March 25, 2012
The nice thing about traveling is that you get to take a break from normal life and put things into perspective
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