Ithaca's Real Rock Radio Station
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Peter Fraissinet
About Me
Weekend Hosts
West Danby NY
Early country music. Shellac, vinyl, and other media. Paper. And bugs.
Favorite Food
I don't play favorites.
Musical Tastes
Favorite Bands
They're all dead. There were fiddles.
Best Concert
  Ever Attended
B-52s. I had my own church choir concert the same night, shucked my robe when that was over and ran as fast as I could to catch the last half of the band from Athens. It was the contrast, I think...
Favorite Music
It was the Horse Flies' & Chicken Chokers' joint album-release contra- and square-dance (Chokers & Flies, 1989) in Germantown, PA, in a big old church with Keith Brand calling. Late in the night the bands merged into one, and in the last dance the musicians dropped off one-by-one till it was rhythm-only on damped strings, and the dance continued seamlessly for the longest time, till the band resumed the tune to finish the dance. Just magical.
My Story
Why I Work
for WVBR
Maybe so I can justify a record collection that has taken over the universe. It's not because I enjoy getting up at 4:30 of a Sunday morning.
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