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Ike and See Clearly Now, the Pain is Gone
| August 8, 2009
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There has been one really bright spot for the Mets this year, and that is the play of the firstbaseman out of Binghamton, Ike Davis. 2008 was considered the year of the first baseman. Here are all the players picked before Ike that will most likely end up playing first base in the majors: #2 Pedro Alvarez AA 22HR, .269/.356/.516 #3 Eric Hosmer A+ 6 HR, .246/.346/.371 #5 Yonder Alonso AA 8HR, .284/.357/.466 #6 Kyle Skipworth A 7HR, .208/.263/.348 #11 Justin Smoak AAA 11HR, .294/.407/.461 #13 Brett Wallace AAA 12 HR, .287/.362/.426 #17 David Cooper AA 6HR, .251/.325/.365 #18 Ike Davis AA 16HR, .292/.378/.497 Arguably, all of them except Cooper were considered better prospects at the time of the draft. Now I would rate them like this. 1. Justin Smoak 2. Pedro Alvarez 3. Brett Wallace 4. Eric Hosmer 5. IKE DAVIS 6. Yonder Alonso 7. David Cooper 8. Kyle Skipworth Smoak is the most polished hitter of the bunch, and Alvarez could be a HUGE superstar type bat. The seperation from 3 through 6 is minimal. Wallace is good, but he may not have a true position. Hosmer's stats are awful, but he has the most potential of any player in this group. Davis is the slickest fielder and the safest bet. Also, his 15 homers this year should really shhh the experts who said he could not hit for power. Alonso and Cooper should be solid, with Alonso having more star potential. Skipworth needs to learn how to hit, and is so far off from any sort of impact. I know the comparison for Davis is Lyle Overbay, but I don't like it. Davis should hit for more power. He will strike out a little more and have a slightly lower OBP with a better average. Maybe more of an Adam Laroche.
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