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Will it snow during the New York Super Bowl?
And other climate-related questions answered
| May 26, 2010
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Much ado has been made over the fact that Super Bowl XLVIII, will be held at the outdoor Meadowlands Stadium in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area during very early February 2014- just past the peak of winter. Of course, the actual weather forecast for that time isn't quite available yet, but the climatology of the area can answer a lot of questions. ''So will it snow during the Super Bowl?'' Probably not. During the past 80 years at Newark International Airport, one inch or more of snow is only recorded 4 times during the months of January and February- or roughly 7% of the time. The chances quickly go down as the amount of snow goes up- only about 3% for 3 inches of snow or more, and 1% for 6 inches or more. So in short, the chance of seeing any of the white stuff during the Big Game is remote, and the probability of seeing a significant snowfall is very, very small. ''What about Rain?'' The chance of getting any sort of precipitation is about 17%. As with snow, the probability of getting higher amounts of precipitation rapidly decreases, with a 10% chance of getting more than a tenth of an inch, and only about a 3% probability of receiving more than a half of an inch, which can be considered a soaking rain. ''How cold will it be at the game?'' Cold enough to bring several layers, especially for those used to milder weather. The normal high in Newark in the first few days of February is 39, and the average low is 25. Since the game kicks off around 6:30, and lasts until 10 or 11, temperatures would be expected to start off in the middle 30's, and drop to around 30 by the time an NFL Champion is determined. Of course, Mother Nature is liable to completely disregard these expectations. On the bright side, about 10 days (17%) in January and February on average see highs of at least 50 degrees- which would lead to temperatures in the 40's during game time. Don't expect miracles though, only about 1 day in any given February does the mercury reach 60 degrees or higher in Newark. What about exceptionally cold weather? Highs fail to reach 30 about 1 out of every 7 days during January and February, which would most likely cause chillier weather in the 20's for the Super Bowl. Don't worry though, it should not be any colder than that, low temperatures only fall below into single digits once or twice during February. ''How cold will it actually feel?'': Remember, wind during the winter can make actual air temperatures feel much colder. The average wind speed at Newark is around 10 miles per hour during January and February. This sort of wind will cause temperatures of 25 to 40 degrees to feel 5 to 10 degrees less. '''The Bottom Line''': It will be cold, but certainty not unbearable for the Super Bowl. Expect temperatures to be between 25 and 45 degrees, though the wind could make it feel a bit colder. In terms of precipitation, there is a good chance it will be dry, and only a slight chance there will actually be snow. The probability of major rain or snow is extremely low, but obviously cannot be completely ruled out. All data courtesy of the [[link|url=]] Northeast Regional Climate Center [[end-link]]
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