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Mid-Season Awards
| November 10, 2010
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It’s shocking to realize that the 2010 NFL season is already halfway over. At this point of the year, countless columnists and bloggers are posting their midseason choices for MVP, Coach of the Year, and Rookies of the Year, among the other trite awards. I would like to give my mid-season picks for a few more unique awards. Trade of the Year - Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn: In one of the most bizarre transactions of the last decade, the Cleveland Browns sent QB Brady Quinn one-for-one to the Denver Broncos for running back Peyton Hillis. Through eight games, Hillis has been one of the most prolific backs in the league and is probably the most popular athlete in Cleveland right now. Quinn, meanwhile, is rotting on Denver’s bench as its third-string quarterback. Least Valuable Player - Randy Moss: The Titans' new receiver is averaging a new team every 2.7 games thanks to his destruction of the Patriots’ and Vikings’ locker rooms. Moss’ best performance of the year might have been his verbal assault of a caterer who gave him free food that was not up to his standards. Other nominees include Brett Favre, Albert Haynesworth, anyone who has played quarterback for the Cardinals or Panthers, and the entirety of the Cowboys' roster. The Next Coach to be Fired - Brad Childress: This award had to be revised after the inept Wade Phillips was let go by the Dallas Cowboys last week. Despite the best efforts of Mike Singletary, Josh McDaniels, and Chan Gailey, this title has to go to the Minnesota Vikings’ Brad Childress. Not only does Childress waste timeouts and coach’s challenges more effectively than anyone else in the NFL, but he brilliantly released Randy Moss without the consent of his team’s owner. Player of the Year from Central New York - Mike Williams: This sought-after award goes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ rookie receiver, Mike Williams, who was drafted in the fourth round out of Syracuse University. Williams has amassed over 500 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns and is among the favorites to win Offensive Rookie of the Year.
Originally Aired: Wednesday, November 10, 2010. This is a part of the 93-Second Sports Shot series. 93-Second Sports Shots air weekday evenings at 6pm.
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