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The Sad Case of the Mets
| March 5, 2012
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They say that bad things come in threes. 


This is no truer than the current state of the New York Mets. First, Mets legend Gary Carter dies last month from brain tumors. Then today, former outfielder Lenny Dysktra is sentenced to three years in prison for a grand theft auto case. On top of that, today a federal judged ordered owner Fred Wilpon to pay $83 million to a trustee trying to recover money lost from Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme. The judge has also ordered Wilpon to trial in two weeks for determining the fate of an additional $303 million dollars.


This is on top of a flurry of losses to the Mets roster, including Carlos Beltran at the trade deadline and most notably Jose Reyes to the Marlins in free agency.


The financial future of the Mets is in question. $83 million that Fred Wilpon could have invested in his team is now gone, and another $303 million may soon be gone as well. This could signal the end of the Wilpon Era, despite Wilpon saying only a week ago that his family will own the team “for a very long time.” If I don’t remember correctly, that was Frank McCort’s mindset when he tried to save the Los Angeles Dodgers from bankruptcy. And where are the Dodgers now? The organization is in flux searching for new ownership and the team is suffering in terms of the roster. Nothing new has really come about with the Dodgers besides resigning Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw. If the Mets have anything to learn from the Dodgers, it’ll be to sell the team ASAP and focus on improving the roster. David Wright is really the only recognizable player remaining on the Mets, and if they do not improve their roster, they may be saying goodbye to their All-Star third baseman. 

Originally Aired: Monday, March 5, 2012. This is a part of the 93-Second Sports Shot series. 93-Second Sports Shots air weekday evenings at 6pm.
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