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Congrats Ravens
The Disappointment of Living in New York
| February 6, 2013
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The endless NFL season finally ended Sunday night in New Orleans...


Ray Lewis got his final super bowl ring in his last NFL game, Joe Flacco is the MVP, John is the victorious Harbaguh, and the Baltimore Ravens are your 2013 Super Bowl champions as they jumped out to a big lead and held on for dear life as they beat the 49ers 34-31 to hoist the world's best named championship prize, The Lombardi trophy.  Not that too many New Yorkers care of course.  Giants fans are still reeling from their late season collapse and failure to make the playoffs, and Jets fans are hoping for a day when Gang Green won’t leave them grateful when another disappointing season comes to an end.  Bills fans haven't had a reason to cheer since Jim Kelly retired in the 90s.

The game actually turned out to be pretty exciting, though, with the underdog Ravens taking a big early advantage, going up by as much as 21-3 on 3 Flacco touchdown passes, one to Anquan Bouldin, one to Dennis Pitta, and another to Jacoby Jones, but a 27 yard field goal by Niners kicker David Akers set the Baltimore halftime lead at 21-6 when Beyoncé came out doing all of her signature dance moves and leading a Destiny’s Child reunion.  The second half opened with a super bowl record 108 yard kickoff return by Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones.  Insert your now overused joke about Beyoncé stealing the electricity here, because just a few minutes later, the Super Dome power went out, delaying the game for 35 minutes.  It seemed as though the Super Dome was telling the 49ers to quit before the game got even more embarrassing, but after the lights came back on and play resumed, the 49ers were re-energized and mounted a furious comeback, but it wasn’t enough.  49er QB Colin Kaepernick scored a late 4th quarter TD to make it 31-29 but the Niners failed on the 2 point conversion try which would have tied the game.   Another Ravens field goal with less than 5 minutes left extended Baltimore’s lead to 5.  The 49ers then stormed down the field and had first and goal from the 7 yard line but Baltimore stopped them on 4 tries as Kaepernick's 4th down pass to Michael Crabtree in the end zone fell incomplete.   Niners coach Jim Harbaugh and all the Niner fans on the planet screamed that Crabtree was held on the play but the referee disagreed and the ball turned over to the Ravens.  A final safety with 4 seconds remaining screwed many people in pools out of a lot of money and made the final score of 34-31.   

It was an exciting day for Ray Lewis, whose final plays in his career were on the goal line stand that saved the game for the Ravens.   After crying both before and after the game, in post game interviews, he said “life really begins for Ray Lewis now.”  Life up to now for him had been pretty eventful with 18 years with the Ravens, 2 super bowl rings and one murder acquittal.  That was for you Rebecca. 

On a side note, has anyone seen the Lombardi trophy? Apparently the Ravens got it back but it was in fact missing from Sunday night until midday Monday, and its whereabouts during that time remain unknown.  

It was the longest super bowl ever at 4 hours and 14 minutes.  The Ravens captured their 2nd  championship after getting to the super bowl in a rather unconventional way.  Their regular season ended with an 11-6 record including 4 losses in the last 5 games and a 4 seed in the AFC playoffs.  They went on to pull off impressive and unlikely road victories including a 38-35 overtime win over Peyton Manning and the Broncos and a 28-13 thrashing of the evil Patriots.  Joe Flacco, who at the beginning of the season dared call himself elite, and then had a somewhat mediocre regular season, proved himself right by throwing for 3 touchdowns and 287 yards in the final game and getting the MVP and Disneyland trip. 

The NFL season was marked by overall strong play by young quarterbacks.  RG3 had an impressive rookie year with the Redskins, as did Andrew Luck leading the Colts to the playoffs.  Russell Wilson piloted the Seahawks to the playoffs and surprising success and Kaepernack took the 49ers to the Super Bowl.  One QB situation that doesn’t look so promising?  Tebow/Sanchez and the Jets.  Getting rid of Tebow is a must, but good luck getting a seventh round draft pick for him.  He'll no doubt be released.  Sanchez and his bloated 8.5 million salary are unmovable as well so the Jet offseason will be spent trying to find some help at WR, TE and Offensive Line.  The Jets already fired their GM, Quarterback Coach, and Offensive Coordinator.  None of them will be sending Sanchez a Christmas card next year.

The Giants are awful at Linebacker and in the secondary and have to completely revamp their offensive line.  However, they have Eli and benefit greatly by the fact everyone in NY hates the Jets so bad that their problems get overlooked.  I’m going out on a limb here by predicting that no NY team will participate in the first cold weather Super Bowl next year at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey.   

I won’t go into another 93 seconds complaining about the Jets, so congratulations Ravens fans, and this has been Allison Lombardi for WVBR sports.

Originally Aired: Wednesday, February 6, 2013. This is a part of the 93-Second Sports Shot series. 93-Second Sports Shots air weekday evenings at 6pm.
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