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NBA Confusion
Laker Woes
| February 10, 2013
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Over the past couple of seasons, we've watched the Lakeshow turn from an Action into a Drama. More recently, however, they've transitioned from a Drama to a Comedy.

Who's fault is it? Kobe's? Howard's? D'Antoni's? Maybe it's even Jim Buss, who knows? One thing's for sure: things are lopsided in L.A. The Clippers have become the most fun team in the NBA to watch, while the Lakers are more fun to watch in the media than on the court. D'Antoni seems like a deer in headlights, Howard's being called out by everbody and their brother, and Metta World Peace is still picking on people who are smaller than him. 

What should the Lakers do? I think they made two big mistakes. 1. Signing Dwight Howard. 2. Signing Mike D'Antoni. After watching Dwight Howard's dramatic final days in Orlando, it makes sense that he wouldn't be able to handle not being the biggest star on the team. That being said, after watching Mike D'Antoni's final days in New York, it makes sense that he wouldn't be able to handle coacing two "superstars". Kobe and Howard are comparable to Carmelo and Staudemire when we look at it from the eyes of Mike D'Antoni: two stars that can't figure out how to play with each other, although this season, we've seen Carmelo and Staudemire figure it out, which can be easily attributed to coaching. Mike Woodson seems to know exactly what he's doing in New York. Not to mention the fact that J.R. Smith finally grew hands and Carmelo has been playing out of his mind, with a chance to reach a career high in points per game. But I digress...

Will Howard be able to fix his problems? We can see through his frustration that he's finally getting tired of all the comments directed toward him. I can see two paths from here. 1. Howard realizes that he's not playing like a team player and fixes it himself, or 2. Howard stays cocky, blows everybody off, and continues to hurt the team.

Will D'Antoni be able to fix his problems? I can't see it happening. We know that the Lakers don't hesitate to make firing decisions (case and point: Mike Brown), so come the offseason D'Antoni could be out of there faster than you can say Phil Jackson. Which reminds me, how do you not hire Phil Jackson? Seriously, Buss, what were you thinking? It's another unsolved mystery in the City of Angels.

The Lakers play in Miami today at 3:30 pm on ABC, and although I don't expect two thumbs up from the Lakers, I'm still intrigued by all of the storylines from the Lakers drama (or comedy) to how well LeBron and Wade are playing, but expect this one to be more of a casual stroll down South Beach for the Heat. 

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