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Tight NFC East Race
Nikki Goldberg
| October 30, 2013
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Nikki Goldberg


First a quick recap of the NFL this past weekend. The New York Giants won their second game in a row this past weekend against NFC east rival Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants failed to convert any touchdowns, but 5 Josh Brown field goals were enough to beat the Eagles, 15-7. The New York Jets didn’t have such a good outcome against the Cincinnati Bengals, losing 49-9. The Jets defense couldn’t contain Andy Dalton, Marvin Jones and the Bengal’s offense. The Buffalo Bills suffered the same fate as the Jets, losing to the New Orleans Saints 35-17. Drew Brees threw five touchdown passes in a game for the 8th time in his career.

Let’s got back to discussing the NFC East. The division leading Dallas Cowboys are sporting a 4-4 record, the middle of the pack boasts the Eagles who are 3-5 and the Redskins at 2-5 and the last place Giants are only 2 games behind the Cowboys with a 2-6 record. The NFC East has the worst record among the eight divisions with 11 wins and 20 losses. The question is whether these teams can forget about the first half of the season and play the second half like playoff contenders. At the end of the day one of these teams will be making the playoffs and hopefully that team actually has a shot of winning a playoff game. As a Patriots fan, I personally know that you can never discount the Giants during the playoffs.

There are a lot of questions facing these teams.

First, can the Dallas Cowboys string together wins with injuries to notable players? The Cowboys are battling the injury bug with as many as six or seven starters out of the lineup. Most notably they are missing DeMarco Murray, Demarcus Ware, and Miles Austin.

Second, can Michael Vick get back to full strength within the next few weeks? Vick started last week after he was missed over 2 games with a hamstring injury, but wasn’t back to full strength and was replaced by Matt Barkley late in the second quarter. Vick is a key member of the Eagle’s defense and it’s pretty evident that Philly can’t always win without him, except for one win against the Bucs.

Third, can Robert Griffin III get back to his 2012 form? After an impressive freshman outing, RGIII is slumping in his sophomore season. RGIII has yet to rush for a touchdown and has thrown more interceptions in his first seven games than he did all last year.

Fourth, can the Giants offensive and defensive lines improve enough to secure more wins? The offensive line was much better last week, giving Manning time to throw and avoid any picks. The defensive line was also up to the task by sacking the Eagles four times when the Giants only had six sacks in their first seven games.

No team that has ever started 0-6 has ever reached the playoffs, but the Giants certainly have a chance to achieve that feat in a mediocre NFC East.

Originally Aired: Wednesday, October 30, 2013. This is a part of the 93-Second Sports Shot series. 93-Second Sports Shots air weekday evenings at 6pm.
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